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“I was sent to Reborn Pelvic Health & Wellness, at 2 years postpartum, after being told I would need surgery for prolapse at only 26 years old due to a traumatic 4th degree tear at birth. I’d previously bounced around to a lot of different professionals, not really getting help or answers and I knew my situation was not improving. It turns out I just needed Reborn’s pelvic PT. She educated me on everything I was experiencing and helped me to realize that I was not broken and my condition could be managed with physical therapy. They treated me as a whole person, helping me correct my posture and treating pain and muscle issues in my pelvic floor. Not only did my physical health and general comfort improve, but my mental health improved as well. The work we did has allowed me to start moving on from my traumatic birth as I no longer have regular physical reminders of what happened. I no longer think about it every day or even every week. I am healthier, happier, and equipped with the tools to continue to manage my symptoms and whatever else life throws at my pelvic floor. I am thankful for Reborn and would recommend them to anyone looking for pelvic floor help.” 

- Connie O.

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