“It was so nice having the PT come to my house and it was more comfortable than coming to a new office. In the full body assessment, she discovered a hip issue that has impacted me since I was in high school and has been missed by many athletic trainers, sports med doctors, and other pelvic floor PTs. She had me try out new techniques and helped me to understand and feel how to do them correctly.”

Jessica P.


“The PT was a highly empathetic, attentive, and a skilled practitioner. She listened to my concerns, provided education, and was able to immediately determine both short and long term treatment goals related to my comfort and physical goals. Reborn Pelvic Health & Wellness provides a much needed service for postpartum women, and I will forever advocate women receive a pelvic floor assessment for themselves to fully understand and heal their postpartum bodies!”

Hannah H.

“Every single woman, whether you've had kids or not, whether your pregnant or postpartum, whether you're in/past menopause or not, whether you feel pain and dysfunction or not, should see Reborn Pelvic Health & Wellness, LLC! I wish I had known these things years ago! This is a much needed service. If you are looking for a wholistic approach that gets to the why in order to resolve your symptoms for good, look no further, here is it!”

Bree M.
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Video Testimonials


Wife and mom of 4, going from couch-ridden to doing things she had never been able to do before - Alyssa C.


Wife, mom of 5, doula, childbirth educator and aspiring midwife, overcoming painful periods - Dani R. 


Wife and mom of 1, ran her first 10K postpartum, overcoming painful intercourse - Camrie T. 


Mom of 1, skier, runner, and avid orange theory attender overcoming leaking with all activities - Amy H. 


Wife, mom of 2 and adventurous traveling photographer strengthening her core and optimizing her body - Kim H. 


Wife, mom of 2, doula, boxing queen and coach ditching low back pain and leaking- Bridgett A. 


Wife, mom of 1, sexual abuse and assault survivor, transforming her life without jaw pain, leaking, intamcy and overall health and wellness - Julie A. 


Wife, mom of 2, daily CrossFit athlete overcoming leaking and optimizing her entire body for performance - Miranda M. 

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